Sunday, October 12, 2008


Why does bedtime have to be such a long drawn out process every night? What can I do to make things go more smoothly. Anyone have any ideas?

Our routine is almost always the same:

Brush hair and teeth
Tuck each into bed

But one of them almost always needs a little more attention. I am not tough when it comes to just letting them cry it out. I don't want them going to bed that way. I want them comfortable and knowing that I am there to take care of them until they are asleep.

It's not like I lie down with them or anything. I just seem to go back in a million times each night for one reason or another: water, bathroom, "rub my back Momma", "I miss Daisy" << (our late Great Dane), etc.

Maybe I just need to toughen up a bit and lay down the law.

Or not...


Kristie said...

Wow. its like you are describing me right here. I have been trying the Super Nanny technique where you walk them back into bed without talking or engaging them. My oldest son really knows how to push my buttons and get me to talk and it causes so many problems, fights, excuses and eventually frustration that some nights I want to scream. But if i can bite my tongue and not talk back then it really helps. I am noticing with my younger son (21mn) that if i stick to my guns and lay down the law (with love of course), it really is easier. where as when I was first starting this all I let my older son take the reigns for fear of him "crying it out" that he learned really quickly how to manipulate the situation.

Lovingly lay down the law now and your nights will go better. Of course it always goes in phases. we will have a good week and then a bad one. Also I have noticed if i put them to bed by 7pm (giving them 12 hrs. of sleep) they go to sleep really quickly as opposed to later because they aren't strung out and too tired to sleep. ok thats enough talking now. GOOD LUCK!!!

Liz said...

Thanks Kristie! Don't you just love Super Nanny! :)

Their bedtime is 8 and I thought that was early! Maybe I should try a little earlier and see if that helps.

I appreciate your feedback. It's always nice to hear from another mom about this kind of stuff!


Bush Babe (of Granite Glen) said...

Hello Liz... just returning your visit and this post hit me! Bedtimes are getting better (kids 6 and almost-4) but I never leave 'em crying either. Life's too short!!

You lost a great Dane too?? Did you see my story about our Cosmo? ( My kids still talk about him lots - even though he left us over a year ago... he specially gets a mention at nights.

The Fry's said...

Awe... makes me teary-eyed, I soooo understand. I have a 12 month old, and most nights she goes down pretty smooth. But then there are those nights when she's reluctant, and I am hurriedly trying to get her back down, and then I stop and think about the message she might be getting from me. So we cuddle for a few minutes, or walk around, and we try again. Almost always works.

Have a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

We've been doing the Super Nanny thing too. Daniel pushes farther and farther if I give him an inch. My suggestion is to be consistent with whatever it is you decide to do!!! :)

Thanks for visiting my blog today!