Saturday, January 24, 2009


Went to the gym today for the THIRD day in a row. I really enjoyed myself today! I walked two miles and jogged almost a full mile. Starting off to a good start.

While on the treadmill I was overlooking the gym below and there were several instructors giving lessons on self-defense. It got me thinking that I should try and take a class like that. I know I would feel more confident in my ability to protect myself and family.

I think I will sign up for a class. Yup. Decision made. Now I just need to find a good place to do it. The ones I saw were not exactly what I am looking for. They were mostly just doing the motions. I want someone to teach me how to break someone's arm if he/she is trying to abduct me. KWIM? I want to rip a handful of hair out for DNA evidence. Really. Why not leave a mark?

When I was in college I had someone chase me across campus to my dorm where I locked myself inside. That was some scary stuff! He was a fellow student in my class and a partner for a project we were doing. He had some sort of mental breakdown and decided that I was the one he wanted to target. If you know me in real life I am not really the sort of person to make someone mad, so I was confused as to "why me???". Luckily for me I had just graduated high school and was still in shape from years of running cross country. I was able to sprint pretty well.

Not so much now. But I am working on it since I am planning on walking/running the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer 3 Day in Chicago this August. It is going to be thrilling to accomplish such an event. I can't wait!

Want to join me? I am going to start a team for friends and family who may want to do it with me. My sister and friend Andrea are already signed up. I think my Mom is going to as well. Let me know if you are interested!!



Andrea said...

YEAH!!! for the workouts!! I am hurting though.....but going to keep it to get ready for the walk!! :)

Roxy said...

GREAT JOb 3 days in a ROW....doesn't it FEEL AWESOME...refreshing to sweat a little and energerizing!!!
Keep up the GREAT work...where are you walking ....what city? GO for the sounds like every woman should

Roxy said...

Fingers CROSSED that you've been back to the GYM!!!

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Anonymous said...

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